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@Hellwyck: How dare you good sir! I'm dry shavin' ya young, ain't no thing.

@fishbones: What you're thinking of is called Blakroc. In my opinion, it's a GREAT album, the only problem is it's too short. Check out the YT link below. They did "webisodes" of the whole thing it's a bout ten or eleven parts long. But it's worth the full watch.
Part 1:

They're supposed to be doing another one as well.

Ultimately and it's been said in this thread (and I'm also generalizing here) if you're black or if you're of any other race and about thirty years old or younger there's a good chance that you like at least some hip hop. But it's one of those generational things. It's the same thing with rock music several generations ago.

I myself have always been one to lean on the sample/chopped and looped side because they're actually using instruments and vocals from recordings. I'm very "pick and choose-y" when it comes to the more electronically generated beats.

I'm a little dumbfounded by the fact that there aren't more fans of hip hop on a drum forum though. Considering the core of it is drums and bass. Also considering all of the discussions on the forum about timing, playing for the music, bass drum techniques, and the like. That's literally the basis of hip hop. It's forces you to play as perfect as possible. I mean I've heard lackluster drums being played in rock music and it doesn't really detract from the overall vibe and feeling of the music. I realize the only one noticing it is me, sitting on my high horse, as I look down my nose at those who are still able to enjoy it. But conversely, if you look at hip hop; if one of those beats is off, maybe the quick double on the bass drum is a little slow or you came in too early on the snare, everyone notices.

Also, I find it a little odd just for example. If you were to take the drum beat to Biggie's "Big Poppa", cats are hating the song. However, if you were to take that same beat and put bass and a guitar, maybe an organ, and a couple of horn players or whatever, all of a sudden it's the jam (which would be the Isley Brothers "Between the Sheets"). I don't know it's just a little disconcerting to me.
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