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Default Re: Microphone experts talk to me!

Originally Posted by ryanlikealion View Post
Thanks for this.

The Electro voice sounds great but will be out of my budget - i'm looking to get all 3 mics within a budget of 320. Is the AKG d112 reasonably good, if not as great as the electro voice?
Not sure which Yamaha console you're talking about, but if it makes you feel any better, I've gotten away with using SM57s and SM58s on everything. They don't call those workhorses for nothin'. In fact, I'm still using those two mics on everything today, with the exception of a couple of pencil condensers that hover over the hi-hat and overhead. I would try to think in general terms. Good mics that can do several things well would be a better investment because they're just not limited to the drums. I would think if you set yourself up with a budget PA, you'd be better served with getting a few SM57s because then your system is well-rounded. You might be able to make some extra money using your system for other things than your drums.
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