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Originally Posted by tambian89
I don't mean to say he plays jazz; I'm saying he has a jazzy style. I've heard a good porion of his beats and they have direct roots in jazz.

This topic has peeved me so much, I have actually listened to every Blink song he plays on, and I'm at a loss to find anything jazz, jazzy, jazzlike, jazzish to his playing.

His style is exactly 180 degrees opposite of jazz. He plays rudiments and straight strictly staccato notes. He DOESN'T swing, he doesn't play legato, he doesn't incorporate the bass drum as a third tom tom, he doesn't use dark and supple sounds, he doesn't use taste and restraint when required, he plays 16th notes more than 16th note triplets, he uses crashes solely as crashes, he plays with cymbal perfectly parallel to the ground, making jazz playing impossible...I could go on forever.

He is probably the worst example I can give to young students of what jazz sounds and feels like (stressing the FEELS part).

So I studied "heavy metal" music, that doesn't make me a metal drummer (to use the exact opposite and rediculous claim that you see with Barker).
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