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Default Re: Microphone experts talk to me!

Originally Posted by ryanlikealion View Post
I've posted in this room because its only part drum related.

Heres what I'm after:

1. A bass drum mic - Is the AKG D112 the best?

2. A good condenser mic - Ideally one that double up as a drum overhead and also a live instument mic (for acoustic instruments such as banjo/bazouki/mandolin/fiddle)

3. A vocal/ snare mic - COULD AN SM 57 serve both purposes?

I have a budget of 350 which may be able to be stretched slightly
I'm partial to the Electro-Voice RE20 for bass drums (among other things). A good condenser you could use for alot of things would be one of those side-address mics. Studio Projects makes the C1 which is a good solid workhorse, but there's alot of them out there, BLU, for example, makes great mics and CAD....
SM57's rock - you can use those for alot of things.

Question is, what are you plugging them into? That has alot to do with how the microphone behaves more than you know.
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