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Default Re: Recording Roldand V-Drums.

Thanks very much for the helpful replies Pimento, bamdrummer.

I am indeed a Windows user. I'm farily confident that my PC will have line out, as it's a newly built machine with a motherboard using the corei7 socket. I'm really glad to hear it's this simple to record from the V-Drums.

To add further discussion to the topic; if anyone who's done this (Pimento?) cares to provide a quick overview of what needs to be done within the DAW you use (Digital Audio Workstation - in Pimento's case, Garage Band) to actually access the drum track, that would be great! I'm sure when I go out and get my cable, install my DAW and connect the V-Drums and PC, I'll have no idea what to do..I assume the software will likely have a menu to detect the drums?
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