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Default Re: H2 Zoom - does anyone know about this issue?

I'm thinking that's what it is too. I'm not familiar with the Zoom as I use a Tascam Portastudio and tape.

It is possible to clean up a Windows installation without having to reinstall, which is a major job.
In My Computer, right-click on Drive C and select Properties. Look for a tab marked Tools and select the button that says Check Now. It will need you to restart the computer and then it will run a file checking utility that will take 20-30 mins to run. This won't destroy any data but it might find your missing files, which will be in the root of C:
You can do this for each drive and then run Defragmenter to sort out all the odd bits and pieces, it's in the same place as Check Now, next button down.

Also you may like to download a piece of freeware called CCleaner. This was originally called Crap Cleaner and that's exactly what it does.
It also has a function for cleaning up your Registry. Note that this is destructive, it will remove your password files and your cookies so make sure you have them to hand as you need to re-enter that information afterwards. It's a little bit of hassle but a lot less than reinstalling the system!
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