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Default Re: H2 Zoom - does anyone know about this issue?

Cheers guys. Removable disk (G:) is the H2 Zoom itself, connected via USB. Folder 1 is where the music files are usually found. There's no memory card, just that of the device. I did a search of the entire device for MP3s and I've lost seven recordings.

Those weird files and folders weren't there before. Yes, some of those files are big and I'm wondering if I lost the recordings through lack of space. But, as I say, I can't do a thing with them.

I haven't installed the Zoom - it's plug & play via USB.

Bo, I have about 40 programs on my PC and I can't bear the idea of reformatting and going through the installations all over again!

I have no idea what those weird files are but, whatever they are, they're doing me no favours.
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