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Pedals are pedals when it comes down to it. It's a means to an end. Does it feel good for you? You know, are your clothes comfortable? It's all perception that's personal. I could answer you questions about weakness---but that weakness would in fact be mine and not the pedals. I hope I'm making sense and not wishing to sound elusive. Certain things work for certain people for certain musical settings. I go back and forth but for old school rock playing I prefer the Elims because they feel like what I've always used. But pedals can swap out along with snare drums and ride cymbals. It comes down to what I feel on any given day.

Hey Joshua---

Thanks for the kind words and for making it out to the clinic. I appreciate your note and hope you are digging the sticks and dvd. As for St. Louis, I'm certain we'll hit there. I don't even know what my schedule is for the summer yet (I rarely do until March/April) and that's when dates will be released. We always go through St. Louis so don't worry!


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