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Default Re: Chiptune Music - Anyone ever hear of it?

@BassDriver: Yeah, I don't doubt it one bit. I think I recall hearing video games sounds in music around the late 90's or so (I'm sure its been done prior to that as well). Although the cool thing, in my opinion, is that they're actually using the device itself, not a peripheral of some sort. They've essentially hacked it and are now using software of the system and all of it's internal hardware components to create stuff.

It's a very nerdy thing. The thing I've come to realize since spending several months on the tech forums and sites is that the, "I want to do it, just to do it" mentality is big. "It" being hacking their stuff, to put Ubuntu Linux on a PS3, or jail breaking/rooting phones and the like. I read about one guy who made a garage door opener app for his phone. It was a really interesting thing, but then you started to read about all of the added hardware associated with being able to open and close it over IP protocols, it was really going out of the way to do something that's already been done and commercially viable (electronically opening a garage door). But again, kudos to the, "because I can", mentality when it comes to little things like this.
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