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[quote=Frost;786565]Hmm... a black metal fan, don't see too many of those on this particular forum.

Count me in. I prefer the almighty Emperor, Satyricon (not all but most. Yes I DO like Rebel Extravaganza!), ULVER, and Enslaved.

I am not really a fan of Dimmu Borgir completely. I like STORMBLAST, but not so much some of the newer things.

I think Cradle is good at points, they are Black metal-esque?! Seen them, it was on the Cruelty tour, Very good, but they went south.

Id say Ulver, being what they are amazing. Nattens Madigral is one of the BEst BM albums, besides Mayhems, De Mysterious dom Sathanas and In the Nightside Eclipse.

Not a fan of Immortal though. Dark Throne is ok if you want primal stuff.

I love the aesthetic of black metal. You can't just put Sigil of Baphomet or pictures of "demons" in your art and be great as a band. I prefer Emperor as THE BEST black metal band, ever.

Ther is a group out of California though, who actually arent that bad. Sothis? Reminds of older black metal.

How can you forget 1349! YES!
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