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Default Recording Roland V-Drums.

Hey all,

I'll keep this simple and to the point.. I've been playing on a Roland TD4KX (the one with all mesh heads) for 4 months now and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. What I'd like to do, is to record the tracks I'm playing in file format on my PC (I'm not too concerned about the format for now). While the quick record feature on the kit module is nice, I need to be able to get the sound off of the module and into a file format on my computer.

Keeping in mind I'm quite ignorant to how MIDI works (or what it is, really) - can any one point me to a web page / source of information where I can learn how to record my V-Drums? Some of the questions I have specifically would be:

-The drum module has a headphone port, and MIDI out (I think it's out?). Which of these can be used for recording? Which should be used?

-Based on the answer to the question above, what kind of cable would I need to hook the drum module to the sound card on my PC?

-Based on the above answer, I suppose I may or may not need a new sound card (depends on the type of cable).

-Once I've got the "physical layer" addressed, what software can I use to record with?

I know this is asking a lot! Any direction to existing resources would be appreciated.
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