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I completely agree with Franklinj. He does overplay his parts, as they are riddled with snare fills and rolls. I listened to the album Leviathan, and heard him keep a steady beat very rarely. Dailor attempts to bring in the progressive style of drumming like other metal and alternative drummers do, like Chris Adler and Danny Carey, but I do not think he performs this style as well as others. In my opinion, he should try sticking with the bassist and keeping a more steady beat. Everything seems to be played for no more than 20 seconds before there is another snare roll; What is the reason for this? Dave Lombardo got respect for his fills and double bassing, and so did Mike Portnoy (who I find juist as skilled as Lombardo), but they also knew when a steady beat was needed. Brann Dailor seems to almost be showing off.
- Marc
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