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Default Chiptune Music - Anyone ever hear of it?

So I've spent a good amount of time on tech sites and forums and blogs, etc lately. And one of my favorite sites, Engadget, does live broadcast type shows (in an auditorium). During these shows they have a musical guest to finish off the evening. However the music that is being created by these folks is coming from hand held gaming devices like a Game boy or a Nintendo DS (they use a whole host of gaming related equipment). It's kind of hip, apparently a decade or so ago a guy in Europe wrote a program that he loaded on to a game cartridge and it allowed him access to all of the device's hardware settings, from there he was able to screw around with it and make some melodies using the components of the gaming device. Now some of the forum patrons probably won't like it, and I would imagine it being regarded in the same context of samplers in hip hop (which I can agree to a certain extent). That being said; if you've EVER even heard the sounds from a gaming console take a look at the link below. It's a fellow by the name of Maru on the streets of Japan. It's only about a minute long.
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