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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I know what you mean. Why are they falling over??? I can't imagine the mindset. I keep wondering if, as they are lying down in puppy piles after hitting the floor, little rogue thoughts are trying to get into their heads like, "Maybe I'm deluded and behaving like an idiot?".
It's a world I don't understand either, Pol......more to the point, it's a world I don't want to understand.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It certainly puts the parrot in a good light ... the most sensible "person" in any of the clips :)
Indeed.....know this though. If that parrot put on a white dog collar and asked for 10% of your wage in return for your soul.......they'd be lining up in the streets to get on board.

If a second rate sci-fi writer can convince the rich and powerful that a spaceship is coming back to collect them.....then there's truely nothing that can't be sold. :-)
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