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I play everything from thrash and death metal to jazz, and while it is in my nature to hate pop-punk, I find Travis Barker to be a talented drummer. I really don't like Blink 182 or any of Travis Barker's bands or side projects for that matter, but his drum parts are very creative, he is fast, and he has experience. I respect Travis for his skill, and most certainly not for his bands. I cannot understand why anyone would attempt to bring him down, since he is a very capable, very jazzy drummer. No, he should not be acknowledged as a jazz drummer, nor as one of the great drummers of our time, like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Max Roach, Ed Shaughnassy, or Steve Gadd, but he should be respected despite his current position in the main stream. Travis Barker and his bands may die out quickly since they simply are not innovative or interesting for that matter, but the man deserves respect regardless of your opinion on him or these bands. Travis Barker may very well be the most over-rated musician by pop-culture standards, but the most under-rated by musicians. There is and never will be a reason to discourage Travis Barker or his playing.
- Marc

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