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Default Re: bass guitar... advice...

Originally Posted by bryanmurr View Post
I played bass for 20 years before playing drums. There are alot of exercises you can do to help strech you hands. One is to learn the major and minor scale and play it in every postion of the neck using one finger per fret. Or if you hands are really just tooo small you can alter your fretting hand. A lot of stand up bass players us their first and middle finger independely....... their ring finger and pinky are used toghther(ex first finger first fret : secound finger secound fret : 3rd and 4th finger on 3rd fret). You will have to slide up and down the neck more but it will work and the ring and pinky together support each other. The pinky alone on the e string can be hard to press by itself.

It sounds like you dont have alot of time to pratice. You might only want to diddle with the bass. I wouldnt give up time from drums to pratice the bass.
Yeah thats a good technique going from the first fret to fourth fret using one finger on each
Ex: start on E and go down the frets 1,2,3,4, using your pointer for , middle for 2, ring for 3, and of course pinky for 4, Then do this on each string down to the G, then when you get to the end try doing it backwards, and so on and so forth

Hope this is any help to you, haha its a bit difficult for me to explain it
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