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Default Re: Favorite Movie Quote?

a Three Stooges quote: "you stole our wives you horse thieves"

Rodney in "Easy Money" talking too a bald guy & a bald manikin: "why don't. you two put your heads together & make an ass out of yourselves"

"No alcohol does that go for beer too"

"we've been driving around for a hour the closest thing we came too having food we almost hit a deer"

"this is good stuff, it outta be i got it off a cop"

stripes: "you can't park here it's a loading zone, we're not parking it we're abandoning it"

"anybody calls me Francis & I'll kill ya"

"in the past two hours I've lost my job,my car, my apartment & my girlfriend" FRIEND: "you still have your health"

there are so many more I'll just stop now lol

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