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Default bass guitar... advice...

I've taken a few bass guitar lessons. I'd really like to learn it, but I guess I don't have the natural guitar fingers. It's very frustrating whenever I practice because as of now, my fingers can't spread that far apart, which limits the things I can play. Obviously, with lots of practice and hard work, I could become much better at bass, but it would require some sacrificing from my drumming time to put the extra work into bass. I don't have very much drumming time as it is... With homework and sports I usually get an hour every weekday, and maybe 2 (sometimes 3) on the weekends.

I know bass will really help with my drumming ability, especially the timekeeping element.
So do any drummers who also play bass have any advice? How should I get started? And how much time should I take out of drumming to put into bass?
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