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Default Re: Line 6 POD 2.0

Originally Posted by iontheable View Post
Haha I knew I wasn't looking at it right.

I'm generally good with electronics, I am just dumb with MIDI and audio porting..

So, would the Line 6, and a audio input PCI card be an option for directly bringing it into my computer?

I am looking to avoid microphones, but let me know, thanks.
Yup, that would work.

That is the advantage of the POD is you don't need an amp/cabinet/mic to record.

I don't own a POD myself, but my friend brings his over to my house all the time.

Just plug your guitar into the POD, run an audio cable from the POD to the audio input of the computer, and you have the ability to record a great tone without having to set up a full rig.
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