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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by Drummerd99 View Post

What recommendations do you have for Double Bass Drum Pedals. Which is the best - and why?

Looking at a whole bunch right now and I need your help.

Has anyone tried the Duallist? Or the Off Center one?

Thanks for the help.

IMO The Dualist looks like a joke to me, something almost gimicky..the off-center pedals are great in design.

What this decision is going to come down to, is YOU taking the plunge and going to a physical location, such as a store and trying out as many pedals as you can find..

For instance, I've got a set of Chain Pearl Eliminators...I love them, right out of the box they were better than any I had been on, and now, after all my fine tuning; they fit ME exactly.

The next guy will post that Tama's IC is the cat's meow, whereas I don't like them whatsoever.

It's all going to come down to how YOU and YOUR legs feel.

Good luck(all the big name pedals are more than adequate, be it Pearl, Yamaha, Gibralter, DW, etc)
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