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Originally Posted by jammaster
Aww, Marco is insane! I don't listen to him cuz his drumming is so complex that my head strats to hurt! :DD And, yeah, after that I usually, ok, maybe I need to play guitar instead of drums? But hey, Marco plays guitar pretty awsome too, so... :DDD
He is really pushing the boundries of drumming...a madman... all my respect to him!
If you wanna know the truth, it isn't THAT complicated, you just have to figure out which are the hands and whichc are the, thats the hard part, everything else, such as odd time sig.'s and patterns and what not, are easy to figure out and to do, but no doubt, he's insane, i like his drumming because its so different from every other drummers, His hands and feet are independant and interdependant on each other, its wild, i love trying to figure out what comes next.
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