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Default Re: Vintage Vs. Modern

Ah, heck, I'll chime in. I like vintage better. Modern drums sound"sterile", I guess you could say. Vintage drums have character.

FWIW...when talking about "thin shells with reinforcing rings", my Ludwig 3-ply kit has a 1/4" thick shell, while my DW kit has a 6-ply shell that's only 3/8". I'm of the opinion that the Ludwigs sound better, though. However, I can tune the DW to clear pitches much easier, and get that polished "studio sound" that I can't with the Ludwigs. But, the Ludwigs still sound"rich", warm, and woody!

I also dig the older hardware. Right now, I'm sporting the old Ludwig flat-based hardware. It's so lightweight and mostly compact, it's incredible. Who needs all of this bulky, modern hardware?
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