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Default Re: Vintage Vs. Modern

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
Gotcha...didn't notice. I read and reply in a hurry, during the day.
Good lookin' out. My apologies, I'm at work, it's nothing but digitized text all day. After a while it's starts looking the same.

It would depend. If I was a pro and had the money to swing it, I'd definitely go vintage. There are sooooo many different nuances to old kits. Some for the better, some for the worse. But to have that story behind a kit; and so many options for wood types, and grains, and finishes etc. It's the kind of stuff you can only get from custom drum makers. However, I am reminded of a story from Roots drummer ?uestlove about him djing in some city out of town and he had his crate of records with him. In that great he had a rare original copy of an album that ran him a few hundred bucks, easy. Long story short, he ended up dropping the crate or it fell off a table and that was one of the few records that broke. Ever since then he only carries copies/re-issues.

Although, I do like the consistency of kits now a days. I've read a lot of stories about how older kits end up getting warped or have inconsistent bearing edges (a lot probably from poor maintenance) a whole list of things. With a modern kit you can pretty much slap on any head, and provided you tuned it right, it'll sound good-great. I do happen to recall many older folks mentioning that older drums sound like you're playing on tubs or boxes. I kind of wonder if that's more of a micing issue, or a lack of head selection during that period of time.
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