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Default Re: Meeting Rock Stars

Most of the ''rock stars'' I've met were drummers that I met at clinics or, of course, concerts. I've been fortunate to meet...

Dave Weckl - who was gracious enough to give me a pair of his sticks after his show.

Mark Texieria - Duke Robillard's drummer. Swinging drummer; knows a lot about music. Hung out in a bar with him after the first show I saw with him and he answered my million questions. Great guy. I've since seen Duke about 4 or 5 times and always hang out with the band.

Steve Smith - I found him to be very professional, he dispensed a wealth of knowledge at his clinic.

Adam Nussbaum - had a lesson with him. Another guy with a ton of jazz knowledge. He showed me some pretty cool stuff with brushes.

Donny Osborne - Buddy Rich's protege. Really cool guy. Amazing clinic.

Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith - drummer for Muddy Waters. Funny guy. Plays awesome harp too.

Jim Riley - probably the best clinic I've been to. He even transcribed a couple of his licks for me afterwards.

Hal Blaine - the funniest drummer I've met. For all he has been a part of he has no ego whatsoever.

Michael DeRosier - used to see him at Donn Bennett's drum shop quite a bit. Just one of the guys. Very approachable and down to earth.

Cheney Brannon - Collective Soul's current drummer. Actually hung up on his phone call to sign a drumhead for me and talk for a bit. ( I didn't ask him to. ) He also gave me one of his sticks after the show. I also met Will Turpin, the bass player.

I met Hootie and the Blowfish when I was stationed in Korea. They were all really cool; they didn't just do the show and take off. The band (including their additional musicians) all came back to the club on base afterwards and hung out with everyone just like normal people. I played pool with a couple of them. (That band can really drink...)

Most recently, I met most of The Black Crowes. I got autographs from Chris, and Rich Robinson, Adam MacDougall (keyboards), as well as Steve Gorman. Steve is an incredibly tall person up close. Really cool guy.
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