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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Originally Posted by Phil Maturano View Post
Hi Funky! You can send me as many videos as possible. I look at all the stuff and make an plan for you based on that.

Ireland man! I would LOVE to get there. You have any ideas?
Thats great Phil, I'm in the middle of getting videos together for college applications that I'm sending off in a week or so. I may pay the 50 squids and send them over!

I know a few guys who organize getting the big drummers over to Dublin. Like I said, they're held at a shop called xmusic, I saw benny greb there in November I think I was. I'll ask them about it, I am sure that if you actually want to come, they would jump at doing everything to get you here.

Just found out that the store in question don't stock Sabian cymbals, some issues there I don't wanna know! So getting a clinic there for you would probably be near impossible, ah well, can always dream! :) Good luck.
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