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Default Bo's other job, next to his regular job...

Hey all,

Just wanted to put the word out that after 10 years of making photographs for people, I've finally set up a blog so I can say I have some sort of web-presence. Yep - on top of trying to continue with my entertainment/drumming, and my regular job of audio/soundguy at the Happiest Place on Earth - I also know a bit about cameras and lighting.

To see some of what I've done go here:

If anyone in the Southern California area needs headshots, or bandshots, or any kind of photography (although I'm not really into wedding photography, but I've done two), do let me know and we can discuss your needs. If not, enjoy the photographs. I was sold on the blog idea because it can be liquid and I can always change it, or add to it. I'm mainly using it so people can quickly see what I've already done, and if something new pops up, I can add it just as quickly!
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