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Default Re: my sad story... Drumming v/s girl's love

Gotta be strong there my friend. Girls come and go and some of them rip our hearts out in their way. And it seems to happen to most of us. I too was cheated and brokenhearted by a girl.. a lot of time being sad and depressed.. but after some time, the pain went away. It always does.

It will take some time and it surely will be tough, but trust me, you are going to get over it, and with drumming on your side, even faster. There's nothing like music to heal the soul.

For now, go buy yourself a new pair of sticks, try to get a teacher, or some Tommy Igoe DVD, or some drumming books or whatever and work the hell out off that practice pad. You're gonna feel great. ;)

Cheer up, this is just how life works. :)
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