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Originally Posted by Dennis "ZidjAn" Drummer View Post
Do anyone here read books written by, my favorite writer, Stephen Kings.

My dad did collect his work when he was younger and now I plow through book by book.

Right now I am in the middle of his The Dark Tower series, book 5 (Wolves of The Calla). I love this series and I can`t stop reading. I want to know what will happen to Roland and his friends. Will they ever find the dark tower and unsolve the mysteries behind it?

The cool thing about these series is that it contains characters and stuff from earlier books by Stephen King. You constantly get the "Aha" feeling.

Other books I really enjoy by Stephen King is The Stand, Jerusalems Lot, The Shining, The Talisman/The Black House, IT (which basically made me hate clowns cause now I find them super scary), Insomnia, Green Mile etc.

There`s also some good movies out there based on his work: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist etc...

So what do you think of him as a writer?

love his work. The Stand is a masterwork in my opinion on so many levels. The Green Mile is also unforgettable.
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