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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Hmm... a black metal fan, don't see too many of those on this particular forum.

Watain's new album was good, perhaps a tad generic though, certainly no Casus Luciferi.

Personally I don't like the NWOBHM (New wave of "black" heavy metal).

A lot of black metal artists, particularly those that have been around since the 90s are taking too much of traditional metal and painting it black stylistically.

Too many throw backs, too much unoriginal song writing, the same old tricks/riffs regurgitated to a new 100 page lyrical booklet.

Under all their theatrics, Watain are one of the prime examples of this trend, I just wish Black Metal bands would continue to push forward instead of looking backwards.

Norway's Cor Scorpii are a band I feel are moving in the right direction. Wolves in the Throne Room and Cobalt from the USBM scene as well.
I guess it all depends on what type of bm you listen to. Watain for me seems to be far from any trend, their new album has gone a lot further away from their old influences and developed their own sound (not to say their old stuff was unoriginal). I don't mean to be rude, but speaking of unoriginal song writings I would say Cor Scorpii is a prime example. I don't mind their stuff, but it sounds like a mock of Windir, considering half their members are from the band, they just seem to be one of those "we can't accept the fact that Windir is done" bands.

There are plenty of great BM bands with original music, it's just not easy to pick them out amongst all the shitty bands that are out there. One example would be Nyktalgia, all their instruments are played really well and their music is very original.
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