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Default Re: Please help me out! Annoying Jerk at school about drumming!

Originally Posted by Lex View Post
Now, the thing with bullies and nutcases like these, is that they are impossible to eradicate...........They're not worthy of your attention
Effectively all that has happened here is that some wanker kid says his "dog is bigger than the OP's" is all. If that's a case of "bullying", I'll eat what's left of my hair!

This pettiness happens every day of the year, all year round where children are concerned......although this level of pettiness is more common amongst 5 year olds. At 15, I'd really have thought one would be better equipped to handle it......evidently not. If anyone seriously thinks that this is a serious issue, then they need to toughen the hell up......and fast. Or you're just not gonna make it through the next 60 years of your life.....pure and simple.

This thread is not worthy of our attention. Sound advice was given long ago, it should have been noted and the OP get on with the rest of his life. I can't believe this (non) issue has carried on for 2 whole pages.

Joey, you really need to move on mate. You're 15 now dude....time to start acting like a big boy. You'll meet far bigger tossers than this guy along the way.
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