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Default Re: Please help me out! Annoying Jerk at school about drumming!

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Wow. This guy just manipulated you into 2 months of detention. He effectively kicked your arse. Beware he just may manipulate you out of band and out of competition.

You asked a question of those here, received good advice and ignored it.

You lost.

Hopefully this abject failure will wise you up.
Dear Wy Yung, if you read any further:

Originally Posted by Joey182 View Post
It got him to apologize!

Principal asked me why I fought him, so I explained it to him, and I no longer have detention. So yes I did win.
So, he WON! Hurray! :)

Now, the thing with bullies and nutcases like these, is that they are impossible to eradicate. Just like in virtual life, in real life one should just not feed the trolls. You will always keep on encountering idiots in life, the best thing to do is to let them be happy in all their idiocy. They're not worthy of your attention.
One can't fail everything, 'cause failing everything is an achievement itself.

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