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Default Re: Please help me out! Annoying Jerk at school about drumming!

Originally Posted by Joey182 View Post
Just got in trouble for fighting him.
I was playing the snare in band class, and I dropped a stick. He took it and threw it in the garbage. He then stated "You suck at drumming, all your equipment belongs there."
So now I'm going to detention for the next 2 months at school.
Wow. This guy just manipulated you into 2 months of detention. He effectively kicked your arse. Beware he just may manipulate you out of band and out of competition.

You asked a question of those here, received good advice and ignored it.

You lost.

Hopefully this abject failure will wise you up.
" Those who know, do not speak.
Those who speak, do not know."
Lao Tzu
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