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Originally Posted by Det_Nosnip
He defintely overplays. Alot. I like Mastodon in small doses, but it gets old for me really quick. I feel like he's pretty repetitive in his fills, too...he has decent hands, though.
To my ears he's not overplaying. He's playing a lot of notes, but typically that's either stuff that's duplicating parts going on in other instruments or playing very dense stuff at times when the other instruments are playing quite simply. If you dropped the simple sections back to more typical 4/4 grooves I suspect it would make the band as a whole sound a lot less nimble and a lot more like a high school metal band.

He's a strong player. I do like the snare heavy approach to metal too, it strikes me as a lot more sensible than the usual "trigger the hell out of your bass drum so you can hear it and play constant 16ths" approach. This stuff actually sounds like a drum kit, rather than a drum machine.
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