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Default Re: Weather cast upon...

I live in alaska so I'm all for global warming:)

It's freakin cold up here today at 4 degrees F
the heater went out in our building last night so
it is 55degrees here in my cubicle.

Bring on the global warming!!!!

Seriously though - what is the average temp increase over the last 100 years?
a couple degrees?

Global Warming is all hype in the sense that there is no cause for panic.
Those ready to push the panic button have a hidden agenda.

Al Gore's Inconvienient truth is a joke.
So the globe is getting warmer ....big deal - there are plenty of unseen events that could change things and in a decade or so we could be on a cooling trend....

Climate fluctuates and nature has a way of balancing things out...
relax and don't believe everything you see on TV...

While everyone is busy throwing $$ at climate research we could be feeding
those who are starving in this world.

yeah lets throw another billion at research to see if Al gore was right...stupid
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