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Default Trip to Palm Desert CA - anyone know the area?

The corner of our nation calls me. I have a need to take a slow and deliberate trip across the country, and intend to pause in Palm Desert CA for a while.

I want to meet a few musicians, visit a few studios, maybe participate in some impromptu jams, and in general get a feel for why rock is what it is in that part of the country.

I'm not specifically looking for "scene kids" and won't be a squatter; I'll actually likely rent a month-to-month apartment, as I'd like to stay down there for a while before retracing my steps back to NY.

So is anyone here familiar with the area/people?

.... My mom had a similar thing happen to her. Colorado called to her even though she'd never been there. 11 years later she's enjoyed every moment of living in Loveland, then Dillon/Breckenridge.
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