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Default Re: You're views on Dave Grohl? Technique

I've been asking the question "why does he sound the way he does" since 1992... and it's been great fun learning from him.

His Scream stuff is pretty darn good too, as well as the Late!/Pocketwatch stuff...

I've only recently started to learn the details of his technique... I only used my ear and my brain before that, and what I mostly picked up on was the absolutely pure enthusiasm for playing drums, and his unabashed physical-ness behind the kit.

One can hit the drums too hard, too sloppy, and look and sound like a fool. Dav found a way to stay physical and monstrously powerful and that's made me appreciate him more than any other drummer.

Over the years I've found that there's a few of my other favorite drummers that also mix power with enthusiasm, and some of them are even more technically proficient than Dave, i.e: Dale Crover, John Bonham, Bill Bruford, Zach Hill... but nobody can blend simplicity with power with enthusiasm the way he does. He's without a doubt the spiritual successor of Bonzo.

I've thought about his drumming every day since I was 13; I've read everything I could about the different production tactics he's used in the studio, and I've accepted that he is my Rock 'n' Roll Hero. Becasue of him I've found a happy medium between QOTSA desert rock and Shellac post-rock that when further developed will help me to become a good drummer in my own right.

I have a heck of a lot to thank him for. His guitar work has also heavily influenced my (first Foo album & Probot more than anything), but most of all his drumming actually has shaped the path of my life itself... if he wasn't around I wouldn't have had the love I have for drumming.

How and when to use flams, really, really solid single stroke rolls/fills, full-set triplet rollovers... nobody else has his ear for what and when to do what. Yes, I acknowledge that other drummers such as Bruford Bonham Crover and Hill also know that stuff but it's different with them, respectively and individually.

On the drums, I don't want to BE Dave, I want to be me above all else, but I do feel that if I'm going to invest my time and effort on learning another drummer's ways, it's his stuff above everything else... I spend a little time working on my previously mentioned drummers as well as Iggor Cavalera.

The cool thing is that there IS a Dave Grohl school of thought. Josh Homme applies it with the drumming in QOTSA, and Joey Castillo is a great example of Grohl-inspired techniques. Taylor Hawkins, same deal (Get Up I Want to Get Down by The Coattail Riders is a great example)... the drum writing on recs of the flesh's two albums, Todd Trainer's stuff with Shellac... these guys apply similar dynamics but a lot of what they do traces back to Dave doing his thing. IMO there's nothing wrong with wanting to play like Dave; it's honoring him, it's adopting a unique and effective way of thought behind the kit, and it's a heck of a lot of fun... because if you can be physical behind the kit and still be that solid and effective, then who you play with will love pretty much every beat you lay down.

Rock On Dave.
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