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Default Re: You're views on Dave Grohl? Technique

I always smile when I hear talk about Dave Grohl. I don't know how many others on the forum have been playing long enough to remember this...but...

When Dave Grohl first hit the scene, Modern Drummer featured him on the cover of the magazine. They received so much hate mail for doing so that it turned into the biggest controversy in the history of Modern Drummer. For multiple issues afterward, they were printing letters from people both bashing and defending Dave and the magazine itself. Supposedly, what they printed was just a tiny percentage of what they received. At a certain point, Modern Drummer printed an official end to the debate and encouraged people to stop the barrage of letters about it.

I'll bet they never taught you THAT in music history class! haha

Anyway, it's great to see that Dave made it through that initial rough patch and is now commonly accepted as a great rock drummer. He certainly is one of the most popular. If Modern Drummer put him on the cover next month, no one would think twice about it. Good for him.
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