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Default Re: Things to do in LA and NY

well being from oz, I figure you surf, so a trip to santa barbara on the coast highway, surf rincon, and some beach breaks. one thing about L.A, every thing is spread over huge area and the public transit isn't that great, so lots of driving is needed to get around, where N.Y has subways and buses and lots of things to do closer together. I live in Ventura, you can take a tour of the channel islands ( weather permitting) just off the coast here. I'll buy you guys some mexican food, for lunch, if you pass through here on a weekend, but if you stay just in the L.A area. griffith park...If they still do lazarium up there, it's fun, great view of all the city, then watch a lazer show, to drak side of the moon. hope it all goes great.
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