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Default Re: Things to do in LA and NY

I'm in Pasadena, just minutes from LA.
You need to drop a few numbers/budget. Gas might hit $5/gal (they're saying), so that alone, could cost you $100-200 for the week. Dinners, I can eat for $10 a day, easy, or you can go to restaurants that cost $80 a plate.
We got Guitar Center, in Hollywood, and the Rock Star hall-o-fame. And right up the street from there, one of the best Thai restaurants .... Toi on Sunset
We got "everything" in LA, from strip-clubs and hookers, to fine dinning and museums. And if you don't find it in LA ... you'll find it in New York.
Los Angeles ... at least they shut down around 2-3am.
New York ... you can go all night.
Las Vegas ... they don't even believe in clocks.
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