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Default Re: Weather cast upon...

GD, all Al did was turn hard science into popular science to raise public awareness. The vast majority of scientists who work in related areas and who aren't aligned to political think tanks believe there's a major problem. Like I said, I'll listen to them on the subject before I listen to anyone else, especially politicos.
For a little balance to this conversation:
My father, a retired structural engineer whose specialty was power, (he designed power plants of all kinds but nuclear was his specialty. He was used as an expert by the Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission testifying before these commissions as they were setting up the regulations for the power industry. His sub-specialty was making these plants safer and cleaner. Since I am not a scientist and, often, don't know who to trust in the public debate over these issues, I refer to my Dad whom I trust greatly. Here is a shorthand version of a conversation with my dad;
Dad, when I bought my diesel pickup in 2001 the price of diesel was almost a dollar under the cost of reg. unleaded gas. Now it is 2003 and the cost of diesel is almost a dollar more than the cost of reg. unleaded. It takes more refining to get gas from oil than it does to get diesel. Why is diesel more expensive?
His reply: Well Steve, contrary to popular belief, the earth is getting cooler. The winters are getting longer and colder. In refining, first there is heating oil, refine some more you get diesel, refine some more you get gasoline. the refinery's are at capacity. We are importing record amounts of ready made gasoline because we cannot refine enough ourselves. Since the need for heating oil has increased and the need for gasoline has not diminished and we are still importing ready made, the refining capacity for diesel has diminished. The laws of supply and demand are in play. There is less supply of diesel so the price has increased.
I suggest that "An Inconvenient Truth" (whose science has been rebuked by many who helped construct) was a political shot at 'Big Oil'. Follow the money that has been gifted to Big Al and his car company. Outside the US by the way.
When the world gets too confusing, we all try to find someone to trust for truth and reason. I look to my dad.
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