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Both John&Jason Bonham are my reason to exist/live! :).My absolute/definite heros&inspiration&motivation for not only playing drums but living!.Without them i wouldn,t be writing this as i'd be either dead or not able to play due to alcoholism! :(.Does anyone have any advice/tips on dealing with :anxiety/depression&negativity&panic attacks?.I asked for this exact&same advice on a Melbourne(Australia) based webiste(not drummer based) &got bullied on there to the point of having to change both my username&password because of both the negativity&trolls on there.Because of this my name is mud in terms of getting a gig!.They have attempted&tried to stop me getting a gig on there!(website) &because of this my anxiety&depression&panic ataacts have increased to the point of not even wanting to look at my "boom booms/cannons".If there's another Melbourne based musos forum/website i'd join it in a flash!.Sorry to bore you with my problems&thanks for reading&your consideration
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