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I have to say he's one of my favourite drummers... he's a very talented man indeed. He did a clinic at my sixth form college when I was there a few years ago. There are a couple of videos of him soloing on youtube for a Soultone cymbal promo, which are great. He's an excellent jazz player as well, he played a couple of Herbie Hancock tunes at the clinic. What I like about his playing is his ability to put raw emotion into everything he plays, he reminds me a lot of Elvin in that sense. I highly recommend buying all the Cinematic Orchestra albums, I'm always listening to them. One piece of playing I particular like from him is "All Things to All Men". The beat at the end is brilliant, it's a semi-linear groove, that has really sparse cymbal beats and is based around ghost notes on the snare. It's something I'm working on at the moment. The grooves is in triplets based around a double paradiddle RlRllr LrlrlR (as I interpret it), where all the Rs are cymbal bells (played with bass drum) and the ls and rs are ghosted strokes on the snare, the L being the accented backbeat. To get the ghosts perfectly even and flowing is trickier than it seems.

Variations I'm working on are:
RllRlR LrlrlR
RlRllR LrlrlR (which he plays occassionally)
RlRllR LrlRlR

etc etc The thing that's great about it is playing around with the amount of cymbal you play in the bar, from very little to a lot.
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