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Default Re: Stephen King

He's one of my favorites, and though he consistently gets lumped into the "horror" genre, he is one of the really great character builders out there. His "mainstream" works like Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, The Body (Stand by Me), and even Cujo are some of the best literature of the last century. The Dark Tower is a masterwork, and you will love the ending. Even though people constantly say "I can't wait for this to be made into a movie", I really hope they don't. Hollywood has a hard time capturing what makes his books great and translating that into movies, especially the made for TV ones (Langoliers...ugh). I'd hate to see The Dark Tower dumbed down by mainstream Hollywood with stupid casting decisions, a ridiculously gutted story with half the plot points taken out, focus on special effects more than story and characters, cheesy special effects, etc....

I just read "It" (finally!) a few months ago and I think it is one of his better novels. Now I wish I had never seen the TV miniseries and that I would have been able to go into the story "cold", as it were. It would have made it that much better.
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