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Default Re: Chris "Daddy" Dave

Originally Posted by RobertM View Post
-far more creative and musical to my ears than any of that mad chops or gospel chops kind of playing!
Yup, I think Chris Coleman, Aaron Spears, all the Gospel chop champs are astounding players who leave me ice cold, whereas I'm riveted by the way Chris Dave are Mark G are expressive themselves to the music.

Incidentally, I was listening to Worried Life Blues, a Robben Ford tune played by one of my favorite guitar players, Michael Landau and Vinnie. Its a straight up 12 bar blues, but if you listen to Vinnie on that track, he is going places no other drummer would dare to go on a tune like that. All the groove/chop debaters would say 'hey! you cant play THAT over THAT!" But he does. And makes it work, without overpowering the song for even one bar!

That tune to me is a great lesson in what do do with your insane chops if you do happen to have em.

Great lesson.

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