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Default Re: Chris "Daddy" Dave

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Actually, I agree.

Dave & Guiliana are in a different class from Thomas. A lot more innovative. Im not a huge Mars Volta fan, but I like Thomas' sheer joy of playing and the fact that he takes huge risks all the time
Yes, Pridgen's energy is amazing: you can feel the fury he puts into his kit, especially on Mars Volta gigs (though I can't stand Mars Volta at all). But I agree with you: I just feel, from a basic witness level, that you can sense how Dave and Guiliana are "messing" with the drums, kind of like Jojo in some Nerve stuff. I find that kind of playing a lot more interesting than someone simply buzz-sawing on the drums with chops. For example, I love listening to Budgie's tom rhythms with Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Creatures--far more creative and musical to my ears than any of that mad chops or gospel chops kind of playing. Are the chops players (e.g., Pridgen, Royster, Aaron Spears, Cora Coleman-Dunham, etc.) more technically talented than Budgie? Probably so. But measure the comparison by musicality, and Budgie (and players like him) can easily hold his own!
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