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Default Re: Chris "Daddy" Dave

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

A lot of people on this forum dont like his playing and find it too this or too that, and thats ok.

But for me just the fact that guys like him, Mark Guiliana, Thomas Pridgeon are taking this drumset into a new and unexplored space which is fresh. The BMX of drumming..
May the Lord save us from drummers that go unnoticed, like ships in the night. Easy listening be dammed. Give me stuff I can love or hate.

The interview was MDfeb 2010 issue.

I'm not sure I see Pridgen as that innovative. Yes, he's fantastically talented, has mad chops, and plays incredibly well, but he reminds me of Tony Royster: a ton of talent that's not really doing anything that terribly fantastic. Guiliana and Dave at least demonstrate, in somewhat clear, basic ways, how their playing makes you question the function of the drum kit. Pridgen's playing doesn't do that for me in the same way that Dave's does.
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