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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Originally Posted by uniin View Post
the finish is much more detailed, that picture does not do justice. the red is like a sparkle, very cherry and the black looks like someone has painted black on then grabbed their fingers to run different streaks through it.

ofcorse it's laquered not a wrap. has hyperdrive toms (10x6.5, 12x7 if i recall correctly) with a 22x20 virgin bass drum, 16x14 floortom and a 14x5.5 snare. black nickle hardware, not chrome. where as standard b/b kits only come with chrome
What exactly is that finish? looks like if you replaced the silver in the Black Clouds and Silver Linings finish that Mike Portnoy had made for Dream Theater's last tour with red... and I'm drooling over it. Beautiful, I want one.
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