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Originally Posted by OwrKeeng View Post
What Real Book do you suggest to start off with? I have a page from one that has Mr. P.C. and Memphis Underground, so I'm using that for now. Do you know any notable Marimba players I can listen to to start me off?
THE Real Book:

As far as marimba players in the jazz world, there are a few, but they're the exception, not the rule. "Typically" for jazz, the vibraphone is used. The marimba is *mostly* used for classical pieces. Of course, there are probably hundreds of exceptions, and you might view playing marimba in a jazz context as satisfying some niche, but for jazz music, the vibraphone is far more ideal, due to the sustain bar, the timbre of the instrument, and, quite frankly, the size and portability of the instrument.

Also, I'd recommend getting at least a 3-octave instrument for serious music study. If you want to continue with marimba, which I would highly encourage, you can find 4-octave models on eBay for about $1000. If you get a set of vibes, don't skimp and get a 2.5 octave model...get a full 3 octaves.

...but, while you have your current set up, get a Real Book, and start picking out tunes to listen to and learn, and then play the begeezus out of 'em. Learn them inside and out, how to solo over them, which chord substitutions work, how different jazz greats did them differently, etc...

Good luck and have fun!
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