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Default Re: It Might Get Loud

I finally watched this last night.

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
I'll have to watch this at some point. I thought they were slightly odd choices for a film like this...Jimmy Page is obviously a big name...the Edge similarly so, but not as much for being a guitarist as for being a member of U2...and then there's Jack White, who, whatever his merits (many and varied, I'm sure), is surely not in the same category as either of them? Or was that the point?
I think that was the point. Page is old enough to be The Edge's father, and the Edge is old enough to be White's father. 3 different generations, 3 completely different takes on the same instrument.

Page, the session guitarists who went looking for more in life.
The Edge, they guy who admits he's not the most talent, but has made a career out of creating unique sonic textures.
White, the youngster who attempts to buck all the trends of his generation and loves retro.


Originally Posted by Syrith View Post
I don't understand why they got The Edge in this movie, that guy is a clown.
They should have gotten Slash or David Gilmour or Pete Townshend instead, now that would have been something
Had they gone for three more typical guitarists, it might have been far more interesting to guitar players, but would have had less appeal to the non-musician. If they got three noted solo-ists, the movie could have quickly ended up a wank fest, which would just make it more of a guitar instructional video instead of a documentary on music.

And I disagree on the Edge. He is very unique, and a huge influence/hero of mine.

Originally Posted by jer View Post
What resonated most with me after watching this movie was how much more I respected Jack White.

The other guys had their fancy rigs and sounds dialed in just right, White strings up a piece of wire between 2 nails and lets the music flow through him.

3 really different approaches to music, was great insight into where they all come from musically.
I admit when I first heard of this movie, I was totally turned off from seeing it because of White being included. I can NOT stand the White Stripes and don't get them at all. But after seeing the movie, I agree, I have to respect the hell out of him. I never knew he was that talented under it all. And him pulling out old blues records, commenting that it doesn't matter if it's out of tune and not in time, it's real. That was just so, yeah! Wow.

But I still won't be listening to any White Stripes any time soon.

Overall, there so many interesting little comments.
Page discussing how he was becoming a successful studio musician, but realized he was playing musak.

The Edge commenting on how if Larry hadn't posted that note (forming a band) he might be in another line of work.

White and his thrift store guitar.

I was also highly amused at the Edge trying to teach the other two "I Will Follow" and Page kept asking "are you sure?"
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