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the guy is awsome. its funny alot of ppl (including myself) dotn realize the depth of his playing. he does a lot of latin influenced rythms with a rock feel over them. example in the song schism i saw the modern drummer transcription of the song and it said its odd time signatures one measeure of 5/8 then one measure of 7/8. well does anyone here know what 7+5=? ya 12. my teacher pointed out that he actualy thinks that the groove in the song is one measure of 12/8 because thatway u look at it the "core" cymbal pattern is actuayl a latin rythm. unforunately i dotn remember the name of the rythm but my next lesson is in 2 weeks so ill try to rember to ask him waht it was called.

also he si on drugs when he plays he does some kidn of drug that he says supposed to put him in a more realxed state of mind and has to do with the crap he beleivees in.
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